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Just call me Moony... [Aug. 11th, 2007|08:23 pm]
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Remus Lupin


Harry Potter


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Draco Malfoy


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Sirius Black


Lord Voldemort


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It occurs to me that I haven't updated in a while. Actually, LJ is telling me that I haven't updated in a while. Really, nothing is new. Band camp was bearable, and fairly successful, I think. Chorale boot camp was oodles more pleasant than band camp, and also successful. Work has been fine, I just don't get enough hours. However, I should have $3000 in my bank account before school starts, which would be amazing. I would only be $500 short for the trip without any fundraising or money gifting occasions factored in. If I could make a couple hundred more dollars before Klein's closes for the season, I could not work over the holidays and just start up again there next April. HOORAY. I've gotten my college nonsense in some sort of order; I at least know what has to be done/written and should be able to get a chunk done before school starts. Oh, school. I'm very sad that summer is going to be over soon, but I'm not dreading going back to school. I mean, I'm excited for senior year, but not for not sleeping until next June. Oh well. Our fall play next year is Pygmalion, so I'll be praying for Eliza for the next couple of weeks. I've already started working on bad-British and good-British accents, as dorky as that is. I should finish my summer reading some time in the next week, and maybe we'll actually get out to buy school supplies before school starts. What a novel idea that is.

Our lot is still up for sale, so please tell your friends/family/acquaintances/total strangers who might want to move into the area that it's there.

From: jennap
2007-08-14 07:24 pm (UTC)
I got Ginny!

That's is all
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